How to use Zoom meeting

How to use Zoom Meetings? #

How to Add Meetings #

Instructors can add meetings via the frontend page builder. Go to Course Curriculum, find the needed lesson, and go to Lesson Settings > Lesson Type and select Zoom Conference type from the options available in the dropdown menu. 

You can specify the start date and time, timezone and enable the following functions: Join before Host, Host join start.

Let’s have a look at the live meetings page. The image below showcases the meeting page of Zoom App for MacOS.

Please note there are different Zoom Clients/Extensions/Apps for different systems and platforms. You can download the needed client version browser extension here:

This is how it should look from the student’s perspective.

During the session, you can enable screen viewing mode.

When the meeting is over you will see the overall time spent on the video session and will be able to complete it.

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